Part 3: PS for EAI (Rescripted)

It took years before I was able to actively integrate these childhood and adolescent experiences. I was encouraged to reevaluate my early circumstances to see if they were impacting my current reality. Nietzche said that when we are faced with the most dreadful circumstances “Art approaches as a saving sorceress, expert at healing. She alone knows how to turn these nauseous thoughts about the horror of absurdity of existence into notions with which one can live”.

            Through engaging in visual and performance art that incorporates rhythmic motions, light, shadow, and story lines, I learned that I had accepted the belief that “the world is not a safe place and we are alone in it”. So I worked hard to actively transform and adopt the new paradigm: “I am safe and we are all in this together”. This new story served me well but I still had more work to do before being ready to assist others in shifting their narrative.

            While living in Lima, Peru I exhibited a body of work that points to the ability of the human spirit to overcome devastating experiences through mind body practices. I perforated designs into x-rays (records of trauma), hung them from the ceiling, and illuminated them with candle light. The fire represented the power of the soul and universal life force. The work is a reminder that one can rise above any physical or emotional challenge with loving mindfulness. The euphoric trance I experienced when I physically pushed hundreds of holes through each x-ray, each black memory of pain, and worked to let the light to come through, was a result of unifying the spiritual, mental and corporeal. This process is also something I look forward to facilitating for others.

            In my mid twenties my intuit encouraged me to acknowledge my empathic power and explore it professionally. She gave me tips for preserving my well being while providing loving care and direction to others. I began to use these exercises in social and family discourse and continued creating therapeutic art that centered around the zen of repetitive motion with crocheting, potter’s wheels, and painting. It wasn’t until I had spent 13 adults years receiving talk therapy, attending sanghas, immersing in spirit work and using art as self-care, that I felt certain I could deliver creative, therapeutic services professionally.

            As a human that has cultivated well-being through a mindful arts practices, I am dedicated to learning about and sharing the power of creative flow to better the lives of people locally and around the world. I am conscious of how fortunate I have been to escape and survive dark circumstances, therefor I am called to bring light to others who may be faced with similar situations.  Learning under excellent therapists will be the most effective way for me to develop brilliant services within the field. I look forward to mastering my gifts at the Expressive Arts Institute.